Mutually Exclusive

It’s no secret that the media (or whomever) preaches that thinness is beauty. I myself have struggled endlessly with this idea. But another surprising struggle on the other end of that spectrum is plus-sized fashion. I really can’t say it any better than Lydia. PLEASE read this. She nails everything I’ve been saying and thinking for years.

My FAVORITE quote from her post:
“…I do think there is something to be said for publications and media outlets which choose to tout the fact that you can be “plus sized AND stylish” as though the two are mutually exclusive. Personal style has nothing to do with size or ethnicity or wealth. Just as it is kind of offensive when someone proclaims how amazing it is it that a black girl has style, it’s equally insulting to be referred to as a curvy girl with personal style.”

Can you believe that? It makes me sick to my stomach knowing that girls all over the world, including myself, are being fed this load of manure. Accepting one’s self and loving one’s self for who they are is, sadly, a very difficult feat to overcome. Fortunately, more designers are debuting larger sizes while simultaneously condemning them, like Lydia said.

I really can’t say it better than her! Please go read her post!