Awkward and Awesome


-I spilled water three times last week. In the same place.
-When did February happen?
-Getting irritated without knowing it because I hadn’t eaten. Then eating and Jason saying, “See? I told you so.” when I became normal again. Sorry. 🙂
-My face has been suuuper itchy the past couple of days. Arg!
-A girl talking for 5 minutes about how hearing the harpsichord being played made her feel.
-The amount of flies on our porch every night. WHY.
-Finding a really long hair on my cheek. Uh, why didn’t anyone tell me?!
-Listing my prom dresses on Craigslist then having someone email me very interested in buying it and saying “Hang on. I’ll talk to my daughter.” and six days later I haven’t heard back.
-The length of my nails. They grow so dad gum fast! As does my hair.
-Spending precious time trying four different hairstyles before I left this morning only to have them all fall out. I have too much hair.

-It rained ALL DAY yesterday. Sweet, sweet sound.
-Our cat Toonces is actually starting to like me. It’s been over a year since we got him so I’d say it’s about time.
-Rearranging our living room and wondering why we didn’t do it sooner.
-Lists. I love lists. Made about 5 of them Wednesday.
-The two sweet notes Jason left me when he had to leave before I got home.
-Finding a place to put all of our booze so it looks classy. Ha!
-Discovering a new relaxation technique that I’ve been using every night before bed.
-Winning a gift card to InPink jewelry via Le Quaintrelle! Hello gorgeous new ring and bracelet!