A Story

Once upon a time this happened and she came into our lives. A dirty, crusted mess. She woke us up early in the morning, hungry, and never stayed put in her laundry basket.

She eventually learned to clean herself and began to eat real cat food.

She took tons of naps. Mostly on our shoulders and clothes, but her favorite spot was (and still is) nestled up to her best friend Toonces.

When she first met Toonces as a playful kitten, she annoyed him. Toonces sat still while she swatted at his twitching tail and tried to nurse on him.(Hilarious!)

She grew and grew and grew.
She still annoys Toonces.
She still naps near us. (She’s currently sleeping on our jackets on the table. Where she shouldn’t be.)
She’s still mischievous. (See above.)
She’s still silly.

But she’s our Little Bit. And I don’t think we could love her any more!