A Tour of My Office

Yes. I have an “office”. The sewing machine sits there and so does the laundry. It has lovely fluorescent lighting and three laundry baskets. It’d be somewhere else but there is no where else. But I love it. 🙂 Care to take a peek?

Ta-da! Isn’t she gorgeous? Remember this post? It’s finally all coming together. That chair is from a dining set my sister-in-law gave us. The four chairs and the table are being used in various places around the house. The bulletin board is part of me. I think I’ve always had one. I just like them. I keep extra fabric in that basket under my chair. Partially because it’s the only place it looked good and partially because it’s the only place that looked good. And that’s a trash can.
Here I keep my paintbrushes, pencils, scrapbooking scissors, push pins, and thread. That’s my wedding binder. 🙂
On my board I keep tear-outs of outfits from JCrew catalogs that I can actually recreate. There are Passion memorabilia, my wedding garters, bathtub pictures of me and my childhood best friend, pictures of my sisters, thank you cards, love notes from husband, and things that make me feel really good.

In my DIY whirlwind on Monday, I painted this on the wall.
Now it’s not so monotone in there!

In addition to this nook in the laundry room I have a small music room that really is like a hallway. It’s in the part of the house where previous owners added on so there are two doorways on opposite walls which makes it impossible to put any furniture in normal places. I’m still working on it constantly but I’ll be sure to post when I feel like it’s getting close!

Do you have an office? Is it girly? Or is it a nook like mine?