DIY Infinity Scarf


I woke up this morning to my favorite sound: rain. It was beautiful. And it continued all day. Gray and rainy. Mmmm… Jason was gone, I woke up early and had the house to myself. I had decided weeks ago I was going to try and alter this old Mexican dress I had but never wore. It didn’t turn out so well.. It can be salvaged-I think- by someone that actually knows how to sew. It looks really good on the hanger but I took in a little too much in the hips and there is a lot of extra fabric in the back and the seams are tucking. Blech. 🙁 The fabric is rather poor, which always helps.

So, I moved on to my fail safe DIY: an infinity scarf. No one- I mean NO ONE- can screw this up.

*What you’ll need:
-an old sweater
-sewing machine (optional)

Lay your sweater out flat.

Stretch out the arms and find the point at the bottom of sleeve. See where the tip of the scissors are pointing?

Cut all the way across to the point under the other sleeve.

Put on your new circle scarf!

I say sewing machine optional because you can sew a seam so it doesn’t unravel or sew on some ribbon or lace trim. I opted for the super easy route. This was the sweater I wore in this post but I unfortunately decided to wash it with brand new jeans and ruined it. 🙁 It lives on!

Go make your own and send me a picture! This is my second but surely not my last!

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