Passion 2012

Did you know there are 27,000,000 slaves right now? That’s more than any other time in history. Something has to change. NOW. There are organizations in place to prevent, rescue, and restore these slaves and lead them to Jesus Christ. I’m so proud to say that I, along with 45,000 others, are a part of this movement. To bring freedom to this horrible crime. We raised $3,066,000 in FOUR DAYS. Our goal was $1,000,000. That is cash money. No pledging, no commitments. Cash. Money. That can only be explained by the power of God.

Learn the signs of human trafficking. There are hundreds of thousands of slaves in the U.S. alone and 17,000 more will be trafficked this year. Atlanta, GA is a huge hub of slavery and trafficking. Learn what to do if you see signs of trafficking.

Visit Slavery Footprint to learn how many slaves work for you. Not to made you feel bad, but to demand the products you want be built with free-trade. Demand of your suppliers a high standard!

Visit to learn more about the Passion movement and about slavery.

This is reality. This is real. It’s time to do something now.