Awkward and Awesome

HEY OH! It’s finally Thursday. This week seems to be dragging on. It always seems like my tests fall on the same days. I’ll just be glad when it’s the weekend. Whew. So here we go.

-Telling someone “bless you” when they sneeze. I think it’s weird. So I don’t say it. Don’t hate me.
-Our teachers told us costumes were encouraged for Halloween so I came to school dressed as bacon. To my surprise only two other people were dressed up. Awkward… or is it awesome because I actually dressed up? As pork?
-My phone died during the night, despite its telling me it was fully charged when I went to sleep, so I missed my first class. I decided to miss my next one too to do homework. Is that bad of me?

-So many bloggers are getting pregnant and having babies! Congrats guys. One day I’ll be one of you!
-My Aunt Jenn gave me a free chair that used to be in my parents house. I was so excited because I’ve been looking for a chair for the past few weeks! Eep!
-The same Aunt Jenn also gave us a FREE JCrew men’s shirt she got for $1. I wore it today. I was hot.
-Sleeping in tomorrow, spending an hour in a recital, then studying for two more hours before a super easy class. Hoping tomorrow’s a good day! (These next few weeks are going to be hard.)