Awkward and Awesome

Yay, Thursday! This week has been especially easy. (I always wish I had something more exciting to share than random chit chat, but, alas. My life isn’t that exciting. Yet.)

-(Here you go, Kait.) There’s this guy at school. How can I describe this objectively.. His mustache is long, thin, and well, it really creeps us out. Note that there is no accompanying beard. Just the mustache. Like it’s protecting his lip. Please. Grow a beard to accompany your mustache, men.

-This. WEATHER. Seriously. Take me camping. NOW.
-Wearing a sweater two days in a row. Feels good to be home.
-Going to my little sister’s game tonight to see her play in the band and dance at halftime! Go Rudy!
-Eating with my family after said game.
-Uh, we got free cake at school today. (Kait, you totally missed it. Way to miss diction!) It. was. delicious. Thanks, band, for having a good concert to deserve this cake so us vocal majors could mooch off of you. (As soon as I ate the cake- I left. Is that bad?)
-Going grocery shopping this weekend. It’s odd how much I love doing that.
-Making plans to park downtown and walk around on Saturday morning. Mmm.. coffee shall be had. And it will be good unto my belly.
-One day I will own you iPhone 4s. Anyone wanna buy a 3g when that day comes? 🙂
-This week. After the CUUHHRAZZZYYY one I had last week I have little to no assignments this week. Oh, and my least favorite class is cancelled the rest of the week. Weeee!

Wow, that was a lot of awesome. Anyone have anything worse than a creeperstache they wanna share? Please do it! I need to laugh at your pain.

PS. Jason’s aunt kindly pointed this out from my post the other day. No, that “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” book is not an announcement. Trust me. I won’t be able to contain my excitement when that day comes for us! Ok. Now, give me your awkward.