shirt: passion, skirt: f21, tights: f21, boots: gojane

This outfit was described as “jammin’” to me today. I thought that was totally awesome.

This day.. wow. It was Monday.

This morning my 8am was cancelled and I have no 9am. In theory, I didn’t have to be in Tyler until 10. We spent all day at my parents’ yesterday and weren’t home until 11 that night. I packed my lunch, got my books together, and laid out an outfit for Monday morning. I was exhausted. I set my alarm and got up at 6.40. Drove all the way to Tyler, walked into the music building. Lights were off, no one was in the lobby and I was alone. I wanted to cry. I had just driven an hour–exhausted, mind you– and I didn’t even have class. I called Jason and decided to drive back home and take a nap. I barely made it home without falling asleep. I took a 45 minute nap, made the trek back to Tyler for choir only to find that no one was waiting for choir. “Duh,” I remembered. We had planned to do a flash mob in the cafeteria that day. Again, I wanted to cry. Really?! Twice in one day?

(The flash mob was awesome, btw. We did a gospel piece and everyone videoed us. It was cool.)

After walking back to my car, I ate lunch and talked to Jason for about ten minutes before heading into diction. I didn’t look at the music for my last class so I was totally clueless on what we were talking about. Thankfully, I wasn’t called on to answer any questions. FINALLY, I came home, started dinner and watched game five of the world series. (Go Rangers!)

Whew. Any of you ever have a Monday like this? Or any other day?