It’s My Birthday

And I’m 21, suckas.

Right now I’m partying it up… at school. But this weekend has me in high hopes! Tonight hub hub is taking me out for a night on the town but I have no idea what we’re actually doing! Woohoo! Lunch with my parents is happening, too! I can’t wait!

(PS. (Can I do PS in the middle of a post?) I found out a girl at school has the same birthday! So happy birthday, Megan!)

This week has been craaaaap-tastic with all the assignments I’ve put off doing until the last minute. Thursday was especially insane. Though our form and analysis teacher pushed our essay due date to Monday, I tried to get it finished by today so I could enjoy my weekend worry free. (I’m not sure if this happened yet. I’m typing this on Thursday. Insert Twilight Zone music here.. do-do-do-do do-do-do-do!) More and more I’m realizing why everyone hates form and analysis. (Sorry, KG. It’s true.) While it’s technically easier than all of those music theory courses there’s so much more work in this class. Essays, lectures, terms, group projects. It’s all a bit much! (Again, sorry KG.)

SO! That’s why my birthday is awesome. It’s the end of a crap STRESSED out week.

Let’s reminisce…

20 was a good year.

I got engaged.
I graduated with an AA degree. (and that’s my HS grad pic…)
And I got married.

I hope 21 is just as fun! Let’s eat cake!