Awkward and Awesome

Happy Thursday, all! As I await my 21st birthday tomorrow I thought you’d enjoy some awkward things that have happened to me lately…

-Feeling like a new friend at school may think there’s more there than there is.. “Uh, hi… I’m married.”
-Thinking I looked pretty good for class Tuesday then coming home for Jason to take pictures of it and realizing I looked gross. Ha!
-How long my leg hair is. Wow.
-How much schoolwork I always have to do. I guess that falls more under “awful”, right?
-Standing in front of a video camera in an empty hall recording myself for my conducting test… Talk about awkward.

-How Little Bit started to fall over and roll around when we talk really sweet to her. Adorable!
-My birthday is tomorrow!
-Uh, tomorrow is Friday. Amen?
-Having a weekend packed full of birthday stuff!
-Remember how I said I wanted antlers? Well my awesome Aunt Julie is in Colorado and is picking me up some! Wee!
-Jason told me he was googling ideas for my birthday. Aww….?
-The way my sister, Shelby, called me yesterday.
Shel: “So, hypothetically, say you had this sister named Shelby.”
Me: “Uh-huh.”
Shel: “And say she wanted to get her sister a present for her birthday.”
Me: “Yeah, of course.”
Shel: “Say she wanted this present to be a rug. Hypothetically, of course.”
Me: “Oh yeah, absolutely.”
Shel: “What color, hypothetically, would this sister want this rug to be?”
Me: “Well, hypothetically, what are her options?”
Shel: “Hypothetically, black, gray, maroon…”
Me: “Well, black or gray, but use your discretion. Hypothetically.”
Shel: “Oh, of course.”
Yeah. We’re awesome.

So what are some awesome things that have happened to you? Awkward? Awful? Feel free to write your own awkward and awesome post and let me know in the comments so I can read it!