So sorry I’ve neglected you, sweet blog. And lied to you about posting about my wedding. I promise I’ll get to it soon! I’m so busy with our Spring Vocal that’s coming up this Saturday and with a surprise that our humongous PowerPoint for my online world lit class is due next week instead of four weeks from now. I guess I’d better get on that.

Today is A&A day but I figured since I’ve neglected this long why not neglect this day too! Not really. But I really won’t be doing one today.

Since I’m not doing that I guess I’ll tell you how my week has been and what I’m doing now.

Tuesday afternoon I came home and took a super long nap. Like a four hour one. I guess that’s a sleep. Anyway, I woke up and felt really sick. I was sick all afternoon and part of the night. It was awful. Poor Jason didn’t even want to be around me so I stayed in our room watching Scrubs on Netflix but when that got to be too loud for my stomach I had to turn it off and lay in silence willing the nausea to go away. It didn’t work.

I woke up Wednesday feeling better but afraid that I would get sick at school so I stayed home and slept the rest of it off. I ate a little and felt better. Jason went to the store and got me ice cream and Dr. Pepper. 🙂 By the time 7 pm rolled around last night I was starving so I finally ate some pizza and watching a lot of episodes of House. Jason fell asleep in the chair next to me but I wasn’t even tired. All the episodes of House in our DVR were played out and I was so bored I couldn’t think of anything to do but go to bed. But I couldn’t sleep. Finally, after 5 games of Solitaire, rest found me.

I got up for school this morning and felt humongous. Blahhhh. I went to class and felt pretty good. My voice lesson had to move into the big gap I had in my day which only left me a few minutes to eat lunch before 5. After class, I had rehearsal for aforementioned Spring Vocal. Luckily, (for the record, I don’t believe in luck, just using it as one of those words like however, therefore, you know, grammar) my duet was up first so I got to leave after that. Woo.

After that, a little retail therapy at the local Goodwill to get costumes for the Spring Vocal and maybe a couple of things unrelated to that. 🙂 Shhh.. don’t tell Jason.

As of now, I’m watching reruns of the office and cooking marinated chicken and roasting veggies in the oven and making rice pilaf out of a box. Don’t judge.

I’d tell you what I was doing later but it’s none of your business. 🙂

FYI, I’ll be taking a hiatus (like I haven’t already) on the blog for parts of next week. I’ll be working on that darned PowerPoint that snuck up on me and tried to slash my Achilles’ heel. Jerk.

Lates. 🙂

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