It’s Friday

Hallelujah. My spring break began about 15 minutes ago when I finished up my online World Lit class for the week. Can you say 100?! (read: the FIRST grade above a 70 I’ve made in 3 months.) Woop!

Is your spring break this coming week? What are you doing? I’m going glamping as I’ve mentioned before. 🙂 SO ready. Quiet time with my hubs and my family? Si, por favor.

Before I go though, check out these pretty things I found this week in my internet oogling.

Painted Mason jars. Would love to do this with some of the many leftovers from our wedding!

GORGEOUS glittery heart banner and oh so easy to make.

Sahweet sequin shoe clips. With the leftover elastic sequin I’d DIY a sequin pocket/sleeve shirt!

*click pictures for credit.

Have a great weekend/spring break! 😀