Awkward and Awesome

Today is Thursday! Do you know what that means?


Today’s been a pretty good week. To tell you the truth, it’s kind of difficult to come up with lists of things because my days are so short. I go to school with the same people in the same classes and then I come home and watch Golden Girls. No. That isn’t a joke.

-Being the first one stopped in a construction zone and having to avoid eye contact with the person holding the sign.
-Not being able to tell our choir accompanist’s dry humor from his seriousness.

-Having my latest class cancelled on Tuesday and Thursday this week.
-Because of said cancellation I was able to have lunch with my mommy and the church staff again!
-Having a really good voice lesson despite my exhaustion from singing Handel’s Messiah for an hour and a half just before.

Mexican coke and hot sauce at the restaurant we discovered today!

Santana’s. It’s connected to a gas station. 🙂

Next week, Brother Bruce, our pastor, said we’re going to Napoli’s, an Italian restaurant, in downtown!

What was your day like?