Jews for Jesus

Today is Palm Sunday. I’m barely getting this post in on this day, but I did it! 🙂

I’ve been excited for this Palm Sunday service for a week ever since Bro. Bruce talked about it in our college bible study last Monday night. I got up this morning and in Sunday school this morning Mom reminded us we had nursery duty. Well, dang. But of course, God never disappoints. 🙂 We had 2 year olds, and frankly, they aren’t very well behaved most of the time. Trying to corral a herd of them is like trying to herd a bunch of flies and make them sit still for five minutes. But, this morning was different. We had eight kids and one of them was a girl. Besides the usual “don’t do that”, “don’t touch that” and the occasional “don’t put that in your mouth”, they were quite good. We got them to actually (and quickly, mind you) sit down and do their craft for the morning without struggle! Amazing! (I still don’t want twins, though.)

At home a roast lunch was waiting for us. Yum! Great family fellowship time and nap time on the couch. 🙂 Jason watched basketball all afternoon. I love love love Sunday afternoons. Sports on the TV, mom drawing in the chair by the window, short naps on the couch, and just a relaxed atmosphere. 🙂 My sister once said that research showed that one’s heartbeat actually beats slower on Sundays. How neat!

Karol Joseph, the leader of the Brooklyn, NY branch of Jews for Jesus, came and spoke like she does every year. She is an incredibly smart woman and SUCH an inspiration. She was born Jewish and raised that way only to become a Christian in 1988. But, I’ll leave the link to tell you the rest. 🙂 After church, we were invited to fellowship with here at a church family’s home. I never really knew what  Jew was or what they believed. I didn’t know how complicated all of it was. How being converted from Judaism to Christianity pretty much expelled you from the synagogue, family, jobs and your livelihood. It was mind-boggling to me. I couldn’t imagine being separated from my family.

Needless to say I totally learned so much that I’ve longed to know but really had no one to ask. (the internet isn’t always reliable. am I right?! :)) She’s going to be at the college tomorrow during my 9.00 am class in a New Testament class on the other side of campus. I wish I could be there to soak up some more knowledge! If you know nothing about Jews for Jesus, you should really check out that site and support them in what they are doing! Incredibly ministry. Pray for Karol also because she leaves for Israel in three weeks and she says it’s a very hostile environment there and they aren’t afraid to get violent with her and her missionary team.

Have a great week! 🙂


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  1. Melody You nshould see some of the things about the Mormans. They also excommunicate their people when theyn leave the family. I loved reading about the Jews too. Very good, Love ya,Aunt Rachel

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