Awakening and a Smashed Finger

Yesterday this came in the mail!

Awakening: Passion 2010!!

So excited! I was supposed to be at youth chorus (a choir at school for the local homeschool kids) at 2.30 and was 5 minutes late trying to upload it to my phone, and it didn’t even work! 🙁 But nonetheless, I finally got it on my iPod!

So, today I’d sort of been dreading going to work. Always happens on Thursdays after being off on Wednesdays. But it turned out to be really nice. The GORGEOUS weather really lifted my mood and my spirit and decided to meet sweet Jason at the coffee shop to hang and talk and just be together. All was well until I got out of the car and demolished the tip of my left pointer finger in the door of the car. 🙁 I hate to be graphic, but the force was so great it pushed the skin out from under my nail! So I sit here only typing with 9 fingers. It’s extremely difficult! But I shall survive. Jason bought me chocolate, band-aids, and neosporin. 🙂

Anywho, plan on going to KC’s woodwind concert in about 20 minutes! Can’t wait to see my friends perform!! 🙂