Well, I’m up way past my bedtime so I thought I’d just hop on over here and chat a little with the few “readers” I have!

More and more I find myself committed to just making it through the week without any sense of being. I suddenly look up and it’s Friday and think, “…What just happened?”

Feeling ashamed of not accomplishing anything I deem worthy of counting as successful doesn’t really help the Friday surprises either. I know this seems like a re-hash of my last post but it’s something I just can’t get over, yet can’t really get to stick in my mind.

I. Am. Unfinished.

That’s my new theme of life, I guess. Though I know I’m unfinished I seem to over analyze and obsess over my unfinished-ness until I get so downhearted and depressed I can’t wait for some air!

I wish I was better with words and I wish you all could just read my mind.. It’d be so much simpler that way! But such is life!

Anyway, some good news.. Wedding planning is going great. Whatever I seem to obsess over and seem to not be able to find, there is suddenly this beam of light that fits perfectly into the plans I had. That sounds like someone I know… (hint! It’s Jesus!)

Goodnight. 🙂