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I Survived.

If any of you are friends with me on Facebook you probably saw this post: *(aaand I just realized I said “statues” instead of “status”. HA!) The generous people at UT Tyler decided to try out something called “dead days”. AKA, the greatest thing ever. They are just no-school days before exams to give students… Read more »

Thanksgiving: Part Four

Yes. Yes. We ventured out at midnight to Old Navy of all places for Black Friday. Call us crazy, it’s okay. We called ourselves far worse. We were actually pretty close to the door for getting there at 11. Soon after we got there, the line started backing up. Way up. When they started letting… Read more »

A Case of the “I Wish”es

Ever have a case of “the wishes”? Where you wish you were somewhere else or in a different place in your life or had all the money in the world? I think I live in a permanent state of the wishes. Going to school for another two years seems like a drag. I wish it… Read more »

Things I Love

Back in June, when I was stressing somethin’ major about starting back to school, I decided to make myself feel better by making a list of the things I love doing. And not a superficial list. I’m talkin’ things I absolutely love to do. What tasks, hobbies, activities or things I like learning. Here’s my… Read more »

Mic Check!

Hello! It’s been about a week since I’ve posted. And MAN did I miss it! Not because I wanted to, before you think I hate all 7 of my readers. I mentioned in my posts last week about glamping this past week, and that’s where I was. Camping in the middle of the woods. (In… Read more »