My Dad posted this quote earlier today on Facebook:

Jesus looks out for faithful men, and He fixes His eyes upon them, to observe them, to bring them forward, to encourage them, and to reward them. Let no truehearted man think that he is overlooked; the King Himself has His eye upon him.
C. H. Spurgeon

Someone commented “Wow, good one.” And that’s all I could think. Wow.. I derived from that quote two things. One, He is faithful to me. Two, am I faithful to Him? I was so convicted when I read that. In the department of faithfulness I’ve failed miserably.

I work in a library. A quiet, small library where I’m responsible for shelving the books. My job is secluded and serene. (Most of the time). Though sometimes I’m ready to walk out and never come back, this job gives me thinking time. Time for me to walk around as slowly or as quickly as I want without being bothered and just think. Let my mind wander.

Lately, well I say lately, my Dad has really struggled with his job situation. Meaning, he hates it. And I don’t blame him. Day in day out with the same ungrateful people who give him no respect. It hurts me, but it hurts him a lot more. We took our family vacation last week in Chattanooga, Tennessee where my dad’s sister moved when she remarried an incredible man. He is strong in the Lord and an encouragement to me and my family probably more than he knows. This man ministered to my dad to stay strong in the Lord and to see His will for him and our family.

When my mind was wandering here in the library yesterday, my thoughts wandered to my dad. I was thinking about how much I didn’t want to be here at work and how much I wanted to quit when I thought of him. He leaves our house at 5:30 every morning and gets home about 5, sometimes later. He’s there with loud machines and people who don’t lift him up. All day. I complain working here for three hours a day! My dad is faithful. Faithful to that job because he knows he has 4 girls to support. One heading to middle school,¬†another off¬†to college, and one getting married.

Faithfulness. I’ve heard this word a lot this week. On the radio a Christian artist explained how God told him to be faithful. So he was. And God was faithful back! So why do we struggle with that so much? If we’re faithful to God and His will He will surely be faithful to us. Like He always is.

So dad, if you’re reading this, take heart in that quote you posted and trust that something big is coming. Expect rain. Expect a huge thunderstorm. Expect something a lot bigger than yourself because it’s coming. And when it does, we’ll all be in awe.