I Want to be Ilana Wexler

Do you watch Broad City? Seriously, if you don’t, stop reading my blog RIGHT NOW and go watch the first episode on Hulu. Don’t have Hulu? Good god, I’ll give you my login JUST GO WATCH IT.

Anyway, Ilana is my spirit animal, just like every other 20something, and she wears these strappy bralettes in almost every episode. I scored this one at Forever21 for $10. It only came in black and white, but I should’ve just grabbed another black one. I wear bralettes way more often than a real big girl bra. Big girl bras are just too much work sometimes. Why not be more comfortable¬†and not worry about straps showing and wear a bralette?! Win win.

top, skirt: thrifted, bralette: Forever21, sandals, Old Navy, glasses: borrowed

What’s your opinion on bras? Comfy? More support? Braless? Let’s start a real boob talk in the comments.


2 thoughts on “I Want to be Ilana Wexler

  1. You look so fabulous. I mean you do all the time, but hot dang gurl.

    I’ve been meaning to check out my bra-lette options. I’ve got some boobies. And because of this, my back often hurts whenever I have to wear a bra. I have been lately looking into options for going bra-less while still holding the girls up. It’s hard out there.

    I do have undershirts that hold me up pretty well, so sometimes, depending on the shirt, I go for that. I may just look into investing in some bra-lettes, though, as a fashion-y option that still holds me.

    1. *HAIR FLIP* Thank you!

      Bralettes RULE, dude. Check Target! I was there pretty recently and they had some really cute patterned ones that were strappy like the one I’m wearing here for around $10! I remember there being a cool tie-dyed one. With a little searching, I’m sure you could find some that have a little more support? WHY ARE GOOD BRAS SO HARD TO FIND.

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