How Do You Morning?

Good morning! (Btw, if it’s before 8 AM don’t come to me with that noise. It is not a good morning, yet.) On my drive to work this morning, the sun was pouring in through my car window just right and everything just seemed…fresh. New, even being surrounded by all those cars and people trying to get to work too. It made me sad for all the early mornings I’ve missed out on. Maybe it’s the new bite in the air and the way the leaves are slowly (very slowly) turning brown around here (from the heat?), but this morning got me good.

It got me thinking about how I spend that precious morning time. My friend Cait (incredible human being) wrote a little something on her blog about mornings. And I caught myself this very morning checking Instagram first thing. Heaven forbid I miss a ‘like’ or a comment on one of my photos. Or miss a sale happening in one of my daily emails. *eye roll*

Friday night I had the most restful sleep. At 7:15 Saturday morning I rolled over and woke up to the pinkest light I have ever seen just soaking my windows. It was the weirdest thing! I actually got out of bed to see what was going on and snapped this picture:

Obviously the picture doesn’t do it justice, but it was gorgeous. To think, this happens every morning! And I’m missing it! I quietly promised myself to be more intentional with my mornings. I have the power to set the tone for my entire day. Incredible power. I don’t want to squander that.


So here’s to black coffee, sunrises, and getting out of bed. ;*