Monday Giveaway! CLOSED

Happy Monday everyone!

How about a giveaway to start the week off right? I’ve partnered up with my jewelry friend Angela to give away some sweet prizes. 🙂 Here’s a little more about her!


Hello! I’m Angela Duncan, a former schoolteacher turned premier designs jewelry lady!

I am extremely proud of the company that I work with for a lot of reasons. A little over a year ago, my son, Leland was born. In the beginning he was a fine and healthy baby boy. From there, we had several medical scares that took us from doctor to doctor and specialist to specialist. In February, my husband and I decided not to put him in daycare and instead, have one of us stay home. Seeing as that I wanted to teach still, and he did not, we felt that the best choice was for him to quit his job and become a full time stay at home dad. For a month it was great Then, family issues caused stress at work and I was looking at loosing my job because I could not handle it anymore.

We decided I would resign and that we would move our little family back home to East Texas. So, come May, neither of us was going to have a job. My friend Brittany, my now Premier mom, had been sharing the business plan of Premier with me for a long time. I had resisted for nearly 3 years. Premier was the kind of thing I was never, not ever, going to do. To say the least, she had kind of given up on me. Up until then, it wasn’t really my time, but one day in March, she texted me to tell me about this sign-up special premier was doing. Little did she know that the day before, my husband had mentioned that Premier might be a good option for me. I’m telling you now, that in that moment, God spoke so clearly and opened that door and invited me in.

I signed up and haven’t looked back. Now I am able to stay home with my son, who just turned one. I work when I want and when I can and when it works best for my family. I have saved money on day care and didn’t miss my sons first steps. I have acquired an awesome group of Godly women that I call friends whom I would have never met. Not to mention, every time I head out the door to work, I’m secretly going to eat brownies and have girl talk. Shhhhh!

But, premier isn’t just another job. It’s not a pyramid scheme or a door-to-door sales gig. It’s a way for women, stay at home moms, single moms, college girls, to help provide for their families financially and feel great about the company they represent and the product they sell. A company based on Biblical principals and a product made by hand and covered by our “Golden guarantee.”

That’s my story in the short of it! Now to the fun stuff!
I’ve teamed up with Melody to give away not just one, but three awesome prizes!


Here’s How to Enter!
a Rafflecopter giveaway


First Place: An awesome minty necklace and earring set- a favorite of your favorite blogger!

Second Place: gets a $50 premier designs jewelry gift card.

Third Place: gets a $25 premier designs jewelry gift card!

GOOD LUCK and RSVP to our party HERE!

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  1. Angela is amazing i just love her! Met her at a premier jewelry party and had a blast with her! Normally stuff like that to me is boring but she puts on a great show! Also you get stuff for FREE thats right FREE!!! I love free and all i did was invite people and put out cheese and crackers! I got alot of FREE jjewelry book a party with her i PROMISE you will not be disappointed!!!! I had so much fun im having another party so i can get FREE christmas presents!!!! Im a cheapo!!!!

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