In Storage


blouse: Old Navy, pants: Target, sandals: Old Navy, earrings: Target, glasses: thrifted

My sister affectionately refers to these pants as my grandma pants. Affectionately is the key word in that sentence I think. 😛

I graduated last Friday. 🙂 A lot of emotions were happening that day. Gratitude, sadness, goodbyes, happiness that I get to go back in the fall, annoyed that I get to go back in the fall, :P. I got to sit next to one of my best friends while we graduated. We started out at the same junior college and graduated there together and finished out together. 🙂 It was a blast! It made me want to go back for my masters. Maybe. 🙂

My grad party was Saturday night and we played games and had Mexican food and margaritas and laughed and laughed. I’m going to miss my group of friends but I have a feeling it won’t be long before I see them again.

Seriously, thank you to everyone who had a hand in getting me to this point. I don’t think I ever thought I’d have a bachelor’s degree. I’m proud of myself and want to push myself even harder towards my career goals. Thank you!

Happy Monday! It’s summer for me! Better find a job. 😛