Awkward and Awesome!


-One of my teachers. Just… yikes.
-Watching a friend nearly kill himself and not being able to stop it. Good grief. (That really falls more under awful.) (And maybe the kill thing is a little dramatic. It was still scary.)
-The heat in December. Come on, Texas. Seriously.
-Me. Dancing. In our choir concert. Hot.
-How unfestive the house looks right now. This heat is making it hard to get in the spirit.
-Not seeing friends for a month after finals are over! 🙁 (Also under the heading of awful.)
-Taking the dog out in sweats while cars drive by. Uh, hi.


-Finals are next week! Then CHRISTMAS!
-My dad being in China for two weeks and hearing about him eating exotic things. He’s so cultured.
-A Christmas party this Saturday. Hooray!
-There’s a Christmas tree in the music building! Yay festive!
-Spending family Christmas in Dallas this year!
-How many exclamation points I’m using in this post.
-Getting the car fixed next Monday FINALLY from the wreck!
-Finishing my last ever fall semester. It’s really bittersweet!

Tomorrow’s Friday 🙂