A Photo an Hour

9:30 AM: breakfast

10:00 AM: homework11:00 AM: chores1:00 PM: errand to try and get my accident report1:30 PM: get lost and call Jason2:00 PM: found it!3:00 PM: late lunch4:00 PM: hanging with the cats and finishing homework4:45 PM: getting ready for a short concert with the school choir8:00 PM: heading home10:00 PM: homemade cookies, King of Queens, and blogging

My car accident was a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been trying to get the accident report to give to our insurance company and get our car fixed. However, the only place I can get the report is only open two days a week. I went to the building on one of the days they were open. Nope, closed. Called the number repeatedly and it just rang… and rang… and rang… So looks like our car won’t be fixed for a while! Frustrating. But at least our car still runs. 🙂 Bright side, right?

One thought on “A Photo an Hour

  1. love it! you should do this once a week! 🙂 except the accident part! gonna have to go mimi on ’em!

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