That time we went to a release party.

1. Getting some grub in the form of Whataburger before heading to Dallas.
2. The only picture I got before the party!
3. Palladium Ballroom/Jason playing Borderlands 2 before it was released last Tuesday.
4. Stage/giant recreations of the characters in the game.
5. Rudy Coby: Magician/Nerds playing the game on some serious consoles.
6. President of Gearbox (Jason fangirled.)/CREEPY character from the game. I moved quickly away from the front of the stage.
7. DJ Jazzy Jeff! (Will’s BFF in Fresh Prince!) Dude was AWESOME.
8. My cousins’ dog, Scout. They’re who we stayed with and went to the party with.
9. DQ on the way back.
10. A very rainy, trafficky trip back made for some quality time with J. 🙂

One of the best weekends of our lives! Our aunt and uncle are friends with the girl that plans all these parties for Gearbox and they went to the release party last year for Duke Nukem. Jason said how much he loved Borderlands so they invited us along for the release party of Borderlands 2. Jason was in serious heaven there. We were VIPs which meant free drinks and access to the after-party. Woo! It was dark, loud, and a lot of fun. The after-party was in the NYLO hotel in downtown Dallas where they served coffee, cheesecake and breakfast. It was calm and mellow after a pretty loud party until 2 am. We loved driving down to Dallas and seeing more of the city! We’re really trying to find a way to move down there sooner rather than later. It’s our absolute favorite. 🙂 Thank you Aunt Dana and Uncle Brandon for letting us stay in your home and letting us tag along to the party. 🙂 You guys are pretty cool.