Awkward and Awesome

cardi: AE, tank: Pacsun, skirt: F21, scarf: borrowed, rings: flea market


-First thing Monday morning I get a flat tire and bend the rim. AGAIN.
-Ordered a new rim and it came in a couple of days later. Bent.
-How easy it is to make fun of Apple!
-Wednesday morning I went to observe an elementary music class and went to the wrong classroom. Went a little something like this:

Me: “Hi, I’m supposed to observe today?”
Receptionist: “Well, do you have some kind of paper saying that?”
Me: “Uh, no… I arranged it with the teacher.”
Receptionist lets me stand there awkwardly while she ignores me for a while.
Receptionist: “So you’ll walk all the way down this hall and it’s on your left.”
Me: Standing for ten minutes knocking. Teacher walks down hall and says, “Are you looking for me?”
Me: “Yes!” once inside, “Where would you like me to sit?”
Teacher: “Oh, anywhere you want. What are you here for?”
Me: “Oh, I’m here to observe you. I sent you an email.” (I had heard back so this seemed weird.)
Teacher: “Oh I didn’t get an email. What did it say?”
Me: “Uh, are you Mrs. Blahblah?”
Teacher: “No.”
Ten minutes after the start of her class I made it. And she was lovely.


-All the rain we’re getting! YAY!
-Like I even have to say it… the iPhone 5. (Yes, Apple is awkward and conceited. But they make a good phone, okay?)
-A new rim is now ready for us. So $160 later, we’re back to where we were.
-Going to Gearbox’s release party for Borderlands 2 tonight! How CRAZY is that?! They’re HQ is right here in Dallas. Thankfully I’ve got a pretty cool aunt and uncle that are letting us tagalong. 🙂

Now excuse me while I wait on my new iPhone…

PS. What do you think of the “new” layout? Thought I’d give the pictures a chance to be a little bigger! Not set on it yet. Thoughts?