An outfit and a story

tee: Hanes, vest: Old Navy (similar), skirt: Target

Wore this out to linner (lupper? dunch? dupper?) with the in-laws Friday afternoon. This week hasn’t been the best so getting out for a two hour lunch was just what we needed. (Told you I love this skirt. I literally wore it all weekend. Is that gross?)

So here’s our Story of the Week! Thursday a Direct TV tech was scheduled to come out from 12-4 to install cable. Jason was at work across the street but I was home all day sitting literally by the front door. I purposefully didn’t do anything in the rest of the house because we can’t hear when someone knocks if we’re in the back of the house. SO! 2:00 rolled around, 3:00, 4:00, no tech. At 5:00 we called to see what was up. The rep we called said apparently he knocked on all three of our doors and waited for 45 minutes and also tried our neighbors. We see that as highly unlikely seeing as how I was literally by the front door He “showed up” at 2:45 so if he stayed for 45 minutes he would have left at 3:30. Jason was walking across the street to grab his keys at 3:30. We were furious. After some admittedly heated conversations several customer service reps, we learned that no one could come back out for two weeks. The main reason we decided to turn our cable back on was to watch the Olympics! *%#$^!$@*&! I hastily emailed, after some searching, the president of customer service and got a call the next day. The super sweet girl put in an order to their field office and someone is out here right now installing it. Thanks, Josh! 🙂

Now if I could just get this tuition issue sorted out…

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