What I’ve learned this summer. Kind of.

I only have about two and a half weeks left of summer vacation before my last year of school starts! I know I made a list of summer intentions a while back, so I’m kind of making a mad dash to get some one those done. I’ve been really bored lately which is typical me during the summer. I relish in the break for a couple of months and then, after several bouts of heat stroke, I keep really bored and want structure and things to do. Also typical me is regretting feeling that way once school starts. I honestly think that if I had a job that I loved I wouldn’t mind it so much. Of course, with a job I wouldn’t have a summer break. So it’s bittersweet. (Wait, is that bittersweet? Did I use that right?) To think that in nine months I will be a college graduate with a bachelor’s degree with no job prospects is both scary and enticing. In nine months I will be done with school forever! No more papers, no more classes, no more choir concerts, no more tests… ahhh. Just thinking about it makes me feel relieved. However, I still have no clear view of what God has planned for Jason and me or my sister for that matter. I’ve known what my purpose is since I was eleven, but still don’t have a clue as to how it’s going to play out. Though Jason and I have a fun project we’re working on. 🙂

So, I guess I’ve learned that I need things to do or I get restless, bored, and depressed. It’s only taken me sixteen years of school to learn that. 😉 To appease my boredom, and to stave off thoughts of the upcoming school year and the outrageous stress it will bring with it, I’ll try to finish up my summer intentions list. A new skirt, some new recipes, and some piano practice! Interspersed with pictures of Pepper, of course. 🙂

Also, I’ve been waiting literally all.day. for Direct TV to show up and install cable. Nowhere to be found. I just want to watch the Olympics.

Hope your summer is going well!

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  1. Ok, like two days ago I drafted a blog and used the exact same “I know my purpose but still have no vision as to how it will play out” phrase.


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