The day of.

We left here on Saturday at 9am. I wanted to try and find some place fancy, which to us is somewhere not fast food since all Henderson has is fast food. Blech. We ended up going to Freebirds. I know, fancy, right?! 🙂 I was too nervous and excited to eat because I knew as soon as we left we were going to pick Pepper up! Eeek! So currently my burrito is sitting in the fridge. It’s really nice that Houston is just a three hour drive for us. It’s a huge city! Plus it’s the city that gave me my lifelong dream. 😛 We’re getting into a routine finally with Pepper. Her first night in the kennel was a disaster. She barked and whined all.night. So we moved the kennel further away from our room so we could at least get some sleep while she learned she needed to be alone. She ended up sleeping through the night! I got up this morning to a sleepy puppy clamoring to get to me. Once she calmed down, I let her out and we went for a little walk. I’m loving this new routine when at first, I didn’t think I would. She’s such a great addition to our little pet family. I just hope the cats warm up a little more to her soon!

Happy Monday!