iPhone pictures, vacation chat, and an outfit

shirt: Gap thrifted, jeans: Target (similar), earrings: JCrew, sandals: Old Navy (similar)

These were taken before a spontaneous trip for lunch on Friday with J. We then shopped till we dropped. It was so nice to get out of the house!

Sorry for all the iPhone pictures. The lens I bought that was broken still hasn’t been fixed and returned so until then it’s either lackluster point and shoot pictures or lackluster iPhone pictures run through instagram. 🙂 Instagram it is.

Right now we’re getting ready to leave for vacation in Tennessee for a week with family. Can’t wait to hit up the big flea market up there and visit the Atlanta aquarium! Don’t worry, I’ll be blogging all week while I’m there. Hopefully I’ll get some outfit posts but I have a feeling we’ll just be eating, drinking, and chatting 24/7. And that is A-OK with me. 🙂