It Is WAY Too Hot.

shirt: Old Navy, jeans: F21 (similar), sandals: F21 (similar)

You guys. It’s way too hot to do ANYTHING now. How in the world am I supposed to motivate myself to run outside in 100 degree weather?! Thankfully the school gym’s air conditioning should be finished soon. Because GOOD LORD it’s hot. We finally had to turn on our window unit in our bedroom last night. Well, I had to turn it on. I haven’t been sleeping well at all the past few weeks. Normally I fall asleep pretty quickly but it’s been taking me twenty or thirty minutes to fall asleep. I hate it. Jason on the other hand could fall asleep in a closed cardboard box and sleep through the night. So he wasn’t too happy when I woke him up to help me move our bed, it’s in front of the unit, so we could turn the unit on. Blarrrgh. I’m having deja vu from the torture of last summer. Good thing I have all those summer projects to distract me! And lots of pool time. Working on that summer glow! Slowly but surely.

How are you staying cool? I’m indoors all day and still hate the thought of the heat!

One thought on “It Is WAY Too Hot.

  1. it has been really cold around my place lately but maybe I’m the now who’s under the weather!
    hopefully you’ll stay off the heat 🙂

    The Sweetest

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