Everyone mourn with me! Waaaaaaaaa!

Okay, that’s enough.

So a couple weeks ago the lens on our DSLR started acting up. Sometimes the body wouldn’t detect it so nothing would happen when I turned it on and it would stick when zooming. J thought in his infinite tinkering wisdom (sarcasm…?) that he could take it apart, fix it, and put it back together no problem. He took it apart, fixed it(…?) and hasn’t been able to put it back together. Since we don’t have another lens because we’re saving to buy a new body, I virtually have no camera.

We had already put back some Christmas money for ourselves so we decided to go ahead and buy the lens we were wanting ahead of schedule. I bought it in nearly new condition from Adorama and paid $100 less than the price of it new. I got it, slapped it on our camera body and tested it out. This horrific scraping and grinding noise came out when I tried to autofocus. Yeesh. So now I’m sending it back to be fixed and then to be sent back to me! Who knows how long that’s going to take.

In the mean time, the DIY projects I wanted to do are postponed because little ol’ P&S can’t handle those up close shots. Outfit posts should be fine though. This one was! So thanks for hanging in there through all these silly blog problems. I’ll try to get dressed more often. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bummer

  1. I’m guessing you have a warranty or insurance right!? I went through a similar dilemma, but alas I did not have insurance, so I sold the body for parts and a zooms lens to help pay for an upgrade! Ah, stupid DSLRs. They are amazing when they work, but boy is it frustrating when they break!

    1. Thankfully I can send it in to get repaired for free, but the camera/kit lens is so old the warranty is out. Just waiting for the new lens to get fixed and all will be well! I’m buying a new body this year, anyway. Yeehaw! 🙂

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