Summer Intentions

Hello, June. 🙂

In honor of this new month I’m going to challenge myself to do one thing a day, little or big, to keep my brain going and my body moving. I don’t want this summer to be me on the couch watching The Office. I’m already bored of that. I want this summer to be something. Something active and fun and useful.  I’m starting out with this list but will probably add more later.

-Read and journal
-Play piano
-Make a maxi skirt
-Paint frames and fill them
-Experiment more with meals
-Make clay jewelry
-Organize desk
-Paint antlers
-Wake up early and drink coffee
-Go on dates 🙂

So far this summer I’ve slept entirely too much. You know when you sleep too much you feel sick? Yeah. I hate that. Jason has a little solution for me though. He needs a lot of help this summer installing computers if we’re going to go on vacation when we want to. So tomorrow we’re getting up and working together. 🙂 I think it’ll be fun! We’ll get out of the house and be together. That’s the great thing about summer. It’s like during school I have a husband but I don’t have a husband. School is my husband. But being together so much these last few days has allowed us to just be. And that’s really the best thing ever. 🙂

Any projects on your summer list? Pile me up!