Seriously. SERIOUSLY.

Last night Jason and I went to bed at about 1am. We were up late watching Grey’s Anatomy like we have been doing for a week now. All the doors were locked, blinds closed, and cats put up. Jason had fallen asleep on the couch while I finished watching an episode. It poured that morning but was sunny the rest of the day, but it looked like lightning was flashing outside though I heard no thunder. I woke Jason up and we went to bed. We talked for a minute and then he was out. Trying to fall asleep all of a sudden I heard voices through a walkie-talkie. Freaked, and I mean freaked, I woke Jason back up and we both looked out the window.

A cop car.


In our backyard! First I was mad because I could hear the cop’s radio when he was 100 yards away from me. In my room. While I’m trying to sleep. At 1am. And then I was mad that I was mad that I could hear him and not mad that there was a robbery 100 yards behind our house. I’m insane.

I watched him look in the bus and mess with the door that looked like it was broken. Who called 911? Was he out patrolling and saw suspicious activity IN OUR BACKYARD? I watched him shine the spotlight inside the bus and take pictures of the broken door. I could hear the radio spouting off other 911 calls. He stayed for a while, got back in his car, turned the spotlight on and turned around to face our house.

I was in the window. He shined the spotlight at me. I ducked down knowing he had to have seen me. I looked up and he was still shining the light in our window. Anger. Jason was asleep. I could hear his tires on the gravel, turning and crunching. I saw his spotlight span the width of our house looking in all the dark places and the windows. What was he looking for? Thieves? There are thieves hiding by our house?! I was sure he was going to come knocking on our door asking what we were looking at. Then he was gone.

I voiced my safety concerns to Jason. I hate living here. At times we both do. It isn’t safe. The school gets broken in to several times a week. We’re right across the street. The whole school knows where we live. Students and teachers have come knocking on our door on numerous occasions. The whole town knows where we live. So why haven’t we been robbed? It’s only by God’s grace.

Turns out it was three kids from the school stealing gasoline. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. GASOLINE? The same three kids that have been breaking into the school. They were arrested!

So who wants to donate money for us to buy a camera security system?