I missed you so much! Man it feels good to be back here again. So if you haven’t heard, let me fill you in. It’s the tale of tales. (Oh, and I’m going to be narrating it with pictures of how I felt.)

When school ended I kind of quit blogging. I was so overloaded with school stuff that I just really didn’t have the time. Right after my last exam I drove to meet my sister at her school to help her move back. I ended up staying with my parents for two days. Fun? YES. But I didn’t have clothes. Plus, my brain was still reforming itself from being goop for the past four months.

After sleeping entirely too much for a week I was going to hop back on the wagon and give it another go. But every time I tried visiting my site I got an error. I checked my host’s FB page and found they were doing maintenance. Cool.

Not cool. My hosting company’s server company (does that make any sense?) didn’t follow my hosting company’s orders as to how to go about shutting down their servers for the maintenance. In doing so, they fried the hard drive and the backup hard drive.

My site was on that server.

Being a good businessman (holla, Chris) he didn’t freak out his customers and let us down easy. I was distraught? Sad? Depressed? Beside myself?

Not remembering that I had a previous blog with my older posts on it I was hysterical thinking everything I’ve ever written had vanished never to be recovered.

After I calmed down, I made sure my old site was still up (it was) and Jason told me about Google caches. I filled the gap from my old site to my new site thanks to Google. However, they didn’t cache my pictures. So if you remember a post and it isn’t up anymore it’s because I have no clue what pictures go to it. Also, I might have changed some pictures because again, I have no idea what pictures go where.

For the most part I figured it out, though.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, I thought I made a backup back in February of my entire site but it turned out to be a fake. So I had to manually repost everything from a year ago. Only after deleting my site four or five times because we had installed it wrong. Yeah. I’m exhausted.

But! Here we are, ol’ pals, ready to ride the trail of cats and style again. Are you ready?

4 thoughts on “YOU GUYS!

  1. woohooooooo! you did it! love it! (some of those pics are scary tho) woohooooo!

    1. haaaahahah. Isn’t it sad that I have so many pictures of myself making those faces? Sometimes that’s all I do in front of Photo Booth.

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