Rusty Jeans

cardi: F21, shirt: Pacsun (old), jeans: F21, boots: Urban Outfitters

Well, one big project down and one more to go. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Meanwhile, I will continue to pick up whatever clothing is in my floor and put it on. Except for this one. I actually planned this one.

Jason and I have been some pretty stressed out people this week. The school got a new principal which brings changes and new policies that Jason is having to get used to. For me, I’ve got a big paper and finals to worry about. At least for me my stress ends at 5:30 next Thursday. Poor Jason has to muddle through this into the summer. 🙁 Poor guy. I’ll be sure to make plenty of homemade mashed potatoes to keep him happy.

On a happier note, what are some of your favorite colors to wear? These jeans are becoming my favorite thing ever. Thanks, mom!