I Make My Stuff Live in a Bag

This is all the stuff I carry with me every day, well, besides the cat. No, a lot of it isn’t pretty but it’s functional, hah. Including the cat.

Lipstick: Please appreciate the amount of lipstick I have. That’s probably my favorite part of each morning; picking out which one to wear and then dangerously applying it in the car on the way to school because I’m too impatient to wait until I get there.

Coins: That strawberry coin purse is hilarious. Target had a banana and a watermelon too for the same price, but I compared them all and this one seemed to have the most space. That’s really sad isn’t it? Comparing coin purse sizes? haha. (Not online! $5 in store.)

Headphones:Those headphones are the GREATEST earbuds I’ve ever had. They are Marshmallow by JVC, I think. They never hurt my ears when I wear them for a long time and the sound is really great. Plus, your neighbor can’t hear your music! Win win!

Wallet: Cheap-o Wal-Mart wallet. The only reason I bought that coin purse was because the coin part of the wallet kept opening in my bag and spilling everywhere.

Pen: I always have a pen either for class or to write random things down wherever I am. I got tired of asking whoever was around me if they had a pen!

Target bag: I really love this bag. I got it before my trip to NYC in high school because our teacher said if we carried shoulder bags we would get mugged. Well, joke’s on her because someone tried to mug me on the subway even with this bag. So I don’t think that prevented me from being mugged. But thanks. (I think Target still sells one just like it!)

iPhone 3g: Slowest. Phone. On. The. Planet. But I looooove it. I hear that Apple’s iPhone 5 is debuting this fall so I’m holding out until then. Also, we’re cheap.

Purple Mystery Pouch: Once was a pencil bag. Now used for nail files and random things. But at least all the random things are together. Are they still random?

Cat: This is her life.