I Survived.

If any of you are friends with me on Facebook you probably saw this post:

*(aaand I just realized I said “statues” instead of “status”. HA!)

The generous people at UT Tyler decided to try out something called “dead days”. AKA, the greatest thing ever. They are just no-school days before exams to give students a chance to catch their breath and study. It. Was. Glorious. I actually had three dead days because I didn’t have exams one day this week. I did an entire 10 page paper in 2 days, a history review full of essays, and studied like a crazy person while not eating. (I don’t think I had a consistent meal the past week or two.)

But Wednesday nearly did me in. I had three of my hardest exams in one day. I did have a chance to take one another day but decided to get them over with all at once. And I think I did pretty decent! On Thursday I dare say I made a 100 on the exam I took! I was so incredibly proud of it I should put it on our fridge. Forrealz.

Have you finished your Christmas shopping? Jason and I just started last night. I know. It’s awful. But finding free shipping coupons on the internet really makes you feel better!

Want to know a secret? We don’t even have a tree. My mom gave us one of those skinny ones with the real wooden trunk so we have that sitting in our corner. No ornaments, no tree skirt, no presents under it. Nada. We’re real festive.

(Look out for a new big post featuring Crumbs and Crayons!)