An Outfit and a Flood

scarf: Old Navy, shirt: pacsun, skirt: f21, tights: target, boots: thrifted

Probably the comfiest outfit I’ve ever worn. That $6.50 skirt was really worth the splurge. 🙂

We’ve had a little bit of a ridiculous few days! Wednesday night Jason noticed the washing machine was cutting off and on. When I walked back to see what he was doing this is what I saw:

Oh. So that’s what the inside of a washing machine looks like. Apparently, that little magic switch that’s supposed to turn the washer on when you close the lid wasn’t working. So magic Jason fixed it.
While he did that Little Bit decided to explore.
So yay! It worked that night.

Thursday morning I heard water running but I shrugged it off. Partly because I knew Jason had started another load before he left but mostly because I was still asleep. A little later I still heard it so I decided to check it out. As soon as I looked towards the door I saw a black puddle in our carpet. All of my clothes that were waiting to be put away were soaked and stained. Our laundry room and butler’s pantry were FULL of water. I went to get the phone from the butler’s pantry and stepped in a half an inch of water. I was still in such a sleepy daze I didn’t know if I should scream or go back to bed. I was home alone and Jason was 35 minutes away in meetings. I frantically called him. He didn’t answer because of the meetings. So he texted me and I typed as fast as I could “EMERGENCY!” But coming from me, he probably didn’t believe me so much. I cry wolf a lot! Example:
Jason: “What’s up?”
Me: “We have no chocolate.”
See what I mean? So he calmly called me back after I told him there actually was an emergency. All he could really say was, “…sorry baby. I guess just start sopping it up.”

So I did. I grabbed EVERY available towel, only after strapping on my rainboots. They were immediately soaked. I grabbed the shop-vac. It worked for about 15 seconds then started shooting water out of the other end. Great. I opened the door in the butler’s pantry to aim the shop-vac outside and then it just quit working altogether. Even greater. I finally got all the water up and left for class.

Later that night, I realized that even more of my clothes than I thought were soaked and the water reached the edge of the bathroom. When Jason and I were drying it up he asked me, “You just wanna rip up the carpet?” Ok, sure. Why not? So we have a half wood, half carpeted room. I caught him tonight ripping up our bathroom floor.