Our First Year

Although our one year anniversary was over a week ago, (the 20th) it still doesn’t feel like it should really be here. Has it really been an entire year since we were married? We waited so long for that day that it doesn’t seem possible that it’s already been another 365 days.

There isn’t a lot I can say about this year. Only that it’s been full of new experiences, more love than I thought I could ever deserve (I still don’t!), house renovations, learning more about someone else, connecting with someone on such a deep level, meeting new people, starting a new school, graduating, moving, traveling, realizing that we really can do whatever we want to  (like sleeping on the couchbed) (such a new and weird concept to me since I was never on my own before we married) and just living.

I love you so very much, Jason! Here’s to decades more.

Thanks to mom and pop for keeping that cake in the freezer for a year! And to milkpod studios for all of our flowers. Including Jason’s boutonniere (I can never spell that right on the first try) shown above.