Awkward and Awesome

So how’s your week so far? Since it’s almost over we should be rejoicing! There actually is a recital today so I’ll be going to that then working on homework pinning crap on Pinterest until my only class of the day. But tomorrow is Friday. 🙂

-leaving dishes in the sink waiting to be washed.. like, they’re in the water and everything. we really need a dishwasher.
-I need a haircut. SO. BAD. I just can’t bring myself to actually make an appointment. Yeah. I’m insane.

-spending some evenings learning guitar.
-watching Conan.
-my fingers getting numb from playing said guitar.
-school is almost over.
-school is almost over. I’d better start those papers.
-our anniversary is super close! like 11 days close.
-I’ve reached that point in the semester where everything slips my mind. I rarely remember anything and start to add things to my calendar that don’t even exist. I’ve gone insane.
-Mr. P’s personal oven pizzas. $.98, delicious. Better than Totino’s! Seriously.
-getting many a sweet comment on my facebook about my blog. 🙂

So forreal this time. Tell me something awkward.