Awkward and Awesome

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I’m heading to Commerce to visit my sister and see their first choir concert of the semester. Woohoo! It’ll be a fun time with my family. I can see Braum’s in my near future… (PS. you are correct in noticing that that is the head of a rhino. It’s porcelain and everything. Legit.)

-No one really knows that I’m married at school. I want to make friends, but it’s hard when they’re guys. “Hi, I’m married!” really isn’t a great opening line. (Be my friend!)
-Feeling dumb in class when everyone else seems to get it and I’m left wondering “Uh.. what?”
-Being on my laptop at school and people come up to me and say, “Oh hey. Whatcha lookin’ at? Lemme see!” Um, boo. Did I suddenly step into a place where my laptop became some kind of communal laptop? I feel like I should’ve been told. After all it is MY laptop..
-Yeah, I can’t think of anything else.

-Coming home from school I see a side of the house we rarely visit. I always see something new. I love it.
-I took a five hour nap yesterday. What what!
-Finding out I only need three years of recital credits instead of four. Yay for being done after this year!
-Spending the day with my family tomorrow!
Pinterest. Seriously. Get on that train.
-Thanksgiving is fast approaching. I’m so ready for turkey, family, and fall weather! Though when our leaves turn orange it’s because all the trees are dying. 🙁 I saw four fallen trees in one field on my way home. So sad. Two fell  in our neighbors yard after the storm last week! 🙁
Enjoy your Thursday! It’s almost Friday! Wee!