Awkward and Awesome

Hello all! Happy Thursday! It’s about time this week ended. It seems like every week I get assignments on top of assignments and the weeks speed by so I’m left wondering how I only have one night to do them all! Slow down, semester! Slow. Down.

-When the body building conducting assistant hugged me for my birthday. Uh.. hi. I’ve never spoken to you.
-Really. That one was really awkward. It deserves two slots.
-Studying my little heart out for a midterm and getting to the test and realizing I knew jack squat.
-Picking out an outfit for school, getting to school and realizing it wasn’t the best choice. I’ve really got to stop wearing those hot pink leggings.
-How wrapped up I am in school that I hardly bother to shave my legs at all anymore. Or even shower, for that matter. Sorry, Jason.

-My birthday! It was so. much. fun.
-Not having class until late Tuesday and Thursday and spending the morning watching Golden Girls.
-Staying up until 4am watching Netflix with hubs. Because we can.
-Finally starting on a big journal due next Thursday.
-FINALLY getting antlers! Thanks to my aunt and uncle who picked them up in Colorado last weekend. So. Awesome.

I wanna hear your awkwards. After all, those are always better than the awesomes, right?