It’s finally Friday! Oh, happy day! As you read this I’m probably in music history soaking up whatever our awesome teacher has to say. While I learn about music from centuries ago, enjoy these links I found while trolling the internet! (I retyped that sentence about three times so I could include the word ‘trolling’.) 😛

-This cosmetic company donates 20% of their proceeds to an anti-human trafficking organization.
-I’d love to make every single thing out of this adorable book!
-I read this blog every day. She is hilarious, inspiring, and an excellent photographer! Bonus! I emailed her and she emailed me back! She’s adorable!
-This hilarious, and a tad sad, tumblr. A must read for any pro photogs.
-My sister showed me this. Insane! How much time do you think this would take?
-The fact that someone spent their time compiling all of these facts is hilarious.

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