Spoiled Rotten

Sitting alone on the second floor of the music building I’m looking out onto the roof of the next building. As I let my mind wander I can’t help but think of times when roofs of public buildings are being redone and the people inside can’t think of a reason not to complain.

I mean really, what’s a little extra noise for a few weeks? Have we gotten so accustomed to being a me-me-me and an I-wanted-it-three-seconds-ago society?

As a nation, as a people, as children of God, we are spoiled. Spoiled rotten. We don’t realize how good we’ve got it. Yeah, our government may be in need of some divine intervention and we could use a good three month long rain, but are we still not blessed? We have our families. We have our lives. Lives to dedicate to Jesus. We have food, shelter, air conditioning, running, clean, water. We have so many things a lot of countries around this world don’t.

Amidst these 30+ foot flaming fires I beseech you to be unselfish. Be givers. Be Christ’s love. Be His hands and His feet. Especially now, but always.

Side Note: So far, there have been no fires in Laneville itself, but our neighboring town, Carlisle, was evacuated yesterday due to a blazing fire that is still flaming. My parents are safe for now, too, but streets over from them are being evacuated. We’re not out of the woods yet. While some of my church family members have returned to their homes, there are still a number of them that are displaced. If you have any more information, share in the comments!