Awkward and Awesome

Happy Thursday! Currently I’m watching What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? for the first time. It’s kind of weird. Leo DiCaprio is super young.

Anywho, there are about three or four flies buzzing around us in our home and we can’t ever catch them and Toonces isn’t doing his job by killing them. Lazy cat.

This week I don’t really have any awkwards or many awesomes. Sorry, guys. But, I’ll do my best.


-I graduate a week from Friday!
-My finals are going to be really easy next week. If only I can finish my piano barrier…
-The house is finally cooling down after being up to 78. Ugh.


-I’m getting a little sick.
-The house heated up to 78.
-There are three flies in here.
-Gilbert Grape is weird.

So there you have it. Have a good Thursday!