Social Print Studios


Of all the blogs I’ve ever read, A Beautiful Mess continues to be a place I find inspiration in each post. Emma and Elsie are geniuses when it comes to decor, food and photography.

Both girls are big proponents of printing out photos to see the memories instead of just filing them away on a hard drive never to be seen again. One year for my birthday my sister printed out some of her instagrams that I fell in love with from Social Print Studios (Printstagram). For $12 you can print 24 instagrams! They come as squares which I think is so perfect for hanging on the wall like I’ve done above my bed. I’ve made a resolution to print more pictures this year to put up where I can see or make photo albums, just like 2001.




If you’re going to use this service, I have some advice. I found that the photos didn’t come out looking as sharp as they do straight from the camera. So I’d suggest using for glossy prints and better quality. Use this service for fun photos like Instagram. Also, the upload process can be a little frustrating. Connecting to an Instagram account and printing pictures that way is a snap, but uploading photos from a computer is a little more difficult. When they upload the photos overlap each other and if one needs to be rotated it’s almost too late because the controls that appear when you hover over a photo disappear if another photo is covering it up. Does that make sense? Also, if you don’t upload the full 24 photos for $12 all at once, you’ll be charged the full price regardless and in your cart it does not tell you how many photos you have for each size. I ended up accidentally paying $12 for 3 pictures instead of 24 pictures because of this weird issue.

When all was said and done only one of my pictures was rotated the wrong way, but it’s still workable. I’m still coming up with ideas to display them but I want to make a couple books and then eventually make a photo wall with the rest!

Have you ever tried a service like this? What did you think?

Happy Monday!