Desert Boho


shirt: borrowed, skirt: F21, necklaces: borrowed, sandals: Academy, ring: flea market

I wore this to run a bunch of errands yesterday. One of them being getting a shot. πŸ™ Tell me how ridiculous this is: I needed a bacterial meningitis shot for online classes. Weird, right? So after finally getting the shot I’ll have to take the proof to the school office and get them to take the hold off my account so I can register for the classes hoping they’re not full yet. πŸ™ I hate shots! I haven’t had one in a while and it wasn’t pleasant. What is it about the tiniest piece of metal being poked into my skin that I can’t stand?

Afterwards I spent a while in Walgreen’s spending my graduation money on makeup. Look out for a haul post soon!

Yesterday was also my sweet mama’s birthday! My sister made her surprise chocolate banana bread for breakfast and I made a chocolate cake and my special cookies! Yum!

Today I’m off to a secret meeting with a friend for a super cool post coming in the future. So look out for it! πŸ™‚

Happy Hump Day!