Animal Prints and Toe Caps


dress: JCPenney, heels: Target (thrifted-similar), necklace: H&M, watch: thrifted (similar), belt: JCrew (thrifted-similar), lipstick: Revlon Fuchsia Fusion

I wore this to a local winery last Friday night. If you’ve never been to Los Pinos Winery in Pittsburg, GO! Don’t be scared. It looks like you’ll never get there on those poorly paved, narrow roads. But suddenly it appears! Twinkle lights, live jazz, incredible food, sweet wine, grape vines, and a romantic atmosphere will make up for the weird journey there. I had the prosciutto grape pizza. OH. MY. GOSH. Get it. You’re probably thinking like, “Ew, grapes on a pizza?” But no. It was the perfect amount of sweet, cheesy, and creamy. Yumm!

A big note about these shoes. I HATE THEM. Well, I love to hate them. They are so cute but this is the first time I wore them and I couldn’t even keep them on for the entire time my sister and I were taking these pictures. (Thankfully I wore some different heels to the winery!) It feels like my feet are at a 90 degree angle. 🙁 Which is unfortunate because I bought them for $4! I guess I’ll just use them as decoration.

That belt though was a last minute thrift on our vacation. We were in a small thrift store in Florida and I just happened to pick up this nude belt. I didn’t realize it was leather JCrew until I put it in the cart! Woohoo! And this dress! It is the most comfortable dress I own! Plus it was basically free since I bought it with a gift card I found in my wallet. 🙂

In a little while I am taking Pepper to the park! I’m excited to get her out and smell and see new things. But if you see a girl being dragged by a golden dog, call for help.

I went to Ulta last weekend and picked up a couple of new skincare things and I’ve been trying them out! I’ll share the results with you next week! Look for it on Beauty Tuesday!

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